About us

Founded by Terry Welsh and Martin Crouch in 2012, WNC Equity Advisors’ company philosophy and corporate governance structure is based upon the founders’ core principles of integrity and transparency, with our core mission to deliver relevant financial success and security to our clients.

Combining our experience in financial planning, our understanding of the market and access to opportunities around the globe, we look to shape our clients’ future by identifying solutions and implementing and developing a long-term strategy.

With our headquarters in Taiwan, and with a strong presence in key Asian markets, we offer our clients access to our broad international network, connecting you with a wide range of options, assets and industry data, allowing you to make the right moves at the right time.

Our approach to wealth management is built upon pragmatism, enabling us to be responsive to changing market dynamics and the evolving needs of our clients. We initially develop a core strategy whilst going forward we identify new opportunities and risks and adjust accordingly, allowing us to capitalize on economic shifts and openings.

Here at WNC Equity Advisors, we strongly believe that balance is key and always seek to ensure that our clients’ portfolios and assets are diversified and efficient in their productivity.