Asset Management

WNC Equity Advisors analyzes a broad array of asset classes for potential inclusion in our clients’ asset allocations. These assets include considering private equity funds, hedge funds, private equity and global investment opportunities for potential inclusion as asset allocation components. Furthermore, at WNC Equity Advisors we believe that in order to achieve true asset diversification, you cannot merely allocate according to a predefined grid, but that cash flows within and across asset classes in diverse markets must be actively managed.


Individual allocations will be dependent on your individual circumstances and the long term performance expectation for each of the asset classes, as determined by WNC Equity Advisors’ Investment Committee. However, over the near term, your WNC Equity Advisors portfolio manager will make tactical adjustments to your portfolio in reaction to emerging market trends, opportunities and risks, as well as expressing WNC Equity Advisors’ analysis and insights regarding themes and trends relevant to your individual circumstances and Investment Policy Statement.


How your assets are held, whether owned personally or within a trust, availing of beneficial tax structures or not, can have a significant effect on your portfolio’s overall performance levels. At WNC Equity Advisors, we place great emphasis on the wealth structuring facets of portfolio management in addition to that of the securities themselves.