Estates & Trusts

WNC Equity Advisors has assisted many of our clients, and their families, to shape their legacies and transfer their wealth, by defining and implementing estate plans and wealth transfer strategies. You can, in collaboration with your WNC Equity Advisors team, develop a prudent estate plan that can assist you to:

  • Control how your wealth and assets are transferred to your loved ones
  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Protect your wealth from creditors or any other third parties
  • Protect your privacy and that of your inheritors
  • Achieve your philanthropic goals

We can assist you, alongside your legal representative and/or other trusted advisors, to ensure the financial security of your loved ones, to pass on treasured assets to your future generations as well as to ensure the causes that are important to you are cared for. All this is carried out in the most tax efficient manner possible.

WNC Equity Advisors provides you with our in depth knowledge and experience in order to help you to manage your legacy, whether we are to serve in the role of corporate trustee or as an agent for trustee.