Managing Your Investments

Strategies, Intuition and Solutions

WNC Equity Advisors’ seasoned investment professionals have the knowledge and experience across a wide range of financial assets, including alternative and non-financial investments as well as more traditional securities. We work hand in hand with our clients to establish and maintain a portfolio specifically tailored to their individual requirements.


Portfolio Management

Constructing and managing a portfolio is very much a collaborative effort between you, our client, and your portfolio manager. They will guide you to identify your goals, tolerances and life situation in order to develop a blueprint for the construction of your portfolio.

Asset Management

WNC Equity Advisors analyzes a broad array of asset classes for potential inclusion in our clients’ asset allocations. Individual allocations will be dependent on your individual circumstances and the long term performance expectation for each of the asset classes as determined by WNC Equity Advisors’ Investment Committee.

Non-Financial Asset Management

Non-financial assets posse’s distinct characteristics that differentiate them from the majority of other asset classes. Non-financial assets can provide significant returns for investors, while also fulfilling the clients more personal and ethical investing requirements.

Risk Management

There is more at risk in your investment than just losing some of your capital. Understanding and accounting for all of the various risks involved in constructing a portfolio enables you to properly evaluate your levels of risk and minimize them.

Capital Markets

Through WNC Equity Advisors’ access to institutional investment instruments, we provide our clients with sophisticated approaches to the world’s foreign exchange, commodity, interest rate and equity markets, as well as hedging opportunities. Speak with your WNC Equity Advisors portfolio manager if you would like to learn more about our Capital Market offerings.