Managing Your Wealth

Preserving and Transferring Your Wealth

 WNC Equity Advisors can assist you in developing a wealth plan that is individually tailored with attention and creative solutions to the personal complexities and needs of you and your family, WNC Equity Advisors will provide you with our knowledge, experience, passion and our deep expertise over the extensive range of wealth structuring options


Wealth Planning

WNC Equity Advisors has extensive experience in helping our clients to integrate their financial and personal affairs. We take a comprehensive approach, considering every aspect of your wealth and help to create an individually tailored strategy designed to help you achieve your unique objectives.

Estates and Trusts

WNC Equity Advisors has assisted many of our clients, and their families, to define and implement estate plans and wealth transfer strategies. We can assist you, alongside your legal representative and/or other trusted advisors, to ensure the financial security of your loved ones, to pass on treasured assets to your future generations as well as to ensure the causes that are important to you are cared for. All this is carried out in the most tax efficient manner possible.


Philanthropy is not as simple as just giving, but rather it is about the pursuit of ideals and objectives of great personal importance. WNC Equity Advisors provides our clients with personalized support and a broad range of tools to assist you and your family with defining and achieving your charitable values, interests and objectives.

Custodial Services

A great number of WNC Equity Advisors’ clients have benefitted from the experience of having a dedicated custodial specialist. When it comes to selecting a custodian, we are the first choice of many sophisticated investors, those that have wide ranging holdings maintained within complex structures. Whether your investments and other holdings are managed personally, or through a number of brokers, agents and managers, WNC Equity Advisors can help you to create a tailored custody program that provides clarity to your trade monitoring and overall portfolio, helping you to achieve your unique service, information and safekeeping requirements.