Non-financial Asset Management

Non-financial assets possesses distinct characteristics that differentiate them from the majority of other asset classes. Non-financial assets can provide significant returns for investors, while also fulfilling the clients more personal and ethical investing requirements. These are not assets that are easily tradable on the financial markets, but rather assets with a much more physical element, those that you can touch and feel. They are typically not passive assets where you can simply purchase them and let them run themselves, but can require dedicated active management.

WNC Equity Advisors’ Non-Financial Asset Management group has considerable talent, expertise and a passion for knowing and managing these assets. They can cooperate with your WNC Equity Advisors portfolio manager to integrate these elements into your investment plan and your portfolio.

Non-financial assets include:

  • Forestry projects
  • Farmland
  • Private equity
  • Oil and gas resources
  • Mining interests
  • Real estate

WNC Equity Advisors can help you achieve your objectives by incorporating assets that you may already own, or assist you in acquiring the particular assets you require in order to fulfil your objectives and avail of the advantages that the added diversification and capital gains such assets may bring to your overall portfolio.

Our Non-Financial Asset Management team can provide a total turnkey solution, including the identification and acquisition of opportunities and providing the required ongoing asset maintenance.