Philanthropy is not as simple as just giving, but rather it is about the pursuit of ideals and objectives of great personal importance. Whether your goal is to continue a giving tradition, or establish a new one, to provide your own talents and experiences in new and more personally fulfilling ways, or to strengthen familial ties through a common purpose, philanthropic endeavours can present a different opportunity for enriching your life.

WNC Equity Advisors provides our clients with personalized support and a broad range of tools to assist you and your family with defining and achieving your charitable values, interests and objectives. Our dedicated philanthropic experts can help you to gain an understanding of the full range of relevant considerations, including how to:


  • Define and realize your goals


  • Analyse and qualify the best and most needy recipients of grants


  • Audit the ongoing influence your efforts are having


WNC Equity Advisors are firmly committed to increasing the efficiency and deep knowledge of our philanthropic unit, resulting in your efforts being more effective and personally fulfilling. Our Philanthropy unit draws on our extensive global resources and vast experience to help you to define your philanthropic goals and implement a giving plan that enables you to focus on that which is most important to you.

A number of different philanthropic vehicles are available to be leveraged, including foundations, both public and private, charitable trusts and donor advised funds. These can enable you and your family to decide your own level of personal involvement and how much you want to rely on your WNC Equity Advisors philanthropy experts to assist you in realizing your giving vision.