Portfolio Management

Constructing and managing a portfolio is very much a collaborative effort between you, our client, and your portfolio manager. Your portfolio manager is a fundamental member of your WNC Equity Advisors team and functions much like your own individual Chief Investment Officer. They will work with you to identify and define your goals, tolerances and life circumstances in order to develop a blueprint for the construction of your portfolio, your Investment Policy Statement. This defines your:

  • Long and short term goals
  • Cash flow requirements
  • Your tolerance of risk factors
  • Tax circumstances
  • Wealth ambitions

The continual responsibility of your portfolio manager is to integrate the best tactical thinking and leading strategies developed by WNC Equity Advisors, current market trends and insights, our most relevant market research and analysis, as well as the most applicable investment solutions into your portfolio. The markets never stop evolving and we must constantly assess, analyze and evolve to match them. Your portfolio manager will constantly assess your portfolio to ensure that it is complying with your Investment Policy Statement, which is itself a dynamic document, evolving as you progress through life stages and as significant events occur throughout your life.