Senior Management

WNC Equity Advisors prides itself on the extraordinary team of thought leaders that have been brought together under our roof. Individuals that combine to have the ability to provide each of our clients with the customized service they require and deserve. As a group these people possess a deep and extensive knowledge and great experience in each of our chosen fields. This team is led by our visionary senior management.

Terry Welsh



Terry Welsh is one of the co-founders of WNC Equity Advisors and has been in investment and wealth management for more three decades and has included some of the most notable individuals and families in Europe and Asia as his clients. Terry has also advised some of the world’s largest companies as a private consultant.


Under Terry’s leadership, WNC Equity Advisors is now well positioned as one of the leading independent comprehensive wealth management providers in the Asia-Pacific region. His own specialty is in tailored trustee strategies and structuring corporate succession.


Terry holds a Masters in Financial Economics from the Imperial College London.



Rachel Lim

Chief Operations Officer


Rachel has developed and executed asset management strategies for high net worth individuals, families and institutions across Asia for more than twenty years. Prior to becoming a member of the WNC Equity Advisors team, Rachel worked with UOB Bank in Hong Kong. As well as overseeing the operations of WNC Equity Advisors, Rachel is also a member of the firm’s investment committee.


Rachel Lim has BSc in Accountancy and an MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.



Martin crouch

Chief Financial Officer


Martin Crouch is another of WNC Equity Advisors’ co-founders and serves as WNC Equity Advisors’ Chief Financial Officer and is actively involved in all aspects of managing the company, from the day to day management issues to long term strategizing. Martin’s background is in financial reporting and compliance and oversees both of those fields for WNC Equity Advisors, as well as our human resources.


Martin crouch earned his a BSc in Business Management from the University of Manchester.